Feeling Restless, Must Travel

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I’m always reading about my friends traveling for fun and business and I feel myself wanting to travel more too. In October I went to New Jersey. It was the first time that I have traveled in a long time. I even got to see snow!

On my travel agenda is to attend two business conferences one in Austin and the other in Vegas. And also to visit my cousin (and best friend) in New Jersey – again – but this time I want to take my kids. They have many cousins they haven’t seen since they were little or that they have never met. I am in love with state, even more so after my recent trip. NJ has so much character compared to boring Florida. The fall leaves are of course the most enticing part. My dad would disagree, but he doesn’t read my blog so that doesn’t matter.

The thought of traveling with 4 kids – alone – kind of gives me a big headache, but not enough to deter me, at least not yet. You would think traveling with two teens (mind you, one that will be 20 in a few weeks) and an 11-year-old wouldn’t be so hard but they argue – a lot. On another note, the down side to planning a trip out of state is that I need a judge’s permission to take my nephew with us. To think anything would be easy is rather humorous.

The thing about traveling as a family, is the cost, it can get quite expensive. That’s where travel sites like Orbitz come in handy. It makes finding the best prices on hotel rooms, rentals and flights easier. But, the great thing about going to see family is you can often bypass the rental car and hotel room.

On a personal note, I’m finding that it’s more than just traveling… I no longer like staying still, I feel restless. Which if you know me is rather unlike me to be honest. I much prefer being home all the time. I’m moving soon and I’m not 100 percent on where we are going to end up. Possibly stay here, move back home – or? Decisions, decisions… Too many things are unsettled to come up with an answer at this given moment.

On my bucket list is visiting Italy but that trip is definitely a few years off and *not* with four kids. A trip home to Fort Lauderdale will have to do for the immediate future. Not that I’m complaining, my best friends are there and I miss them dearly. Notice that Disney isn’t on my list? I just don’t find it to be all that wonderful, shocking I know. The waiting in line, spending a million dollars and the heat, all equals utter chaos in my head. Let me re-phrase, not so bad to go every few years, I just don’t get excited about it as much as the average person.

This post about planning a family vacation has turned into quite the late night ramble, hence the name of the blog, Internet Insomniac. When the alarm goes off in 4 hours I won’t want to wake up. On a completely random note I have been having what feels like an allergic reaction and it’s quite annoying and affects my face so I think it might be Rosacea. Say hello to Benadryl, my new best friend.

I’m going to fall asleep to Roseanne, I never get sick of this show. I love TV Land.

By the way, is there one place that you want to visit before you get old or die? Do tell.


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